Air Hockey Tables Under $100

One of the things I love about the sport of air hockey is that it is so open and available to people of all skill levels.  You can literally pick up the paddles for the first time and learn the basic rules in a few minutes. And yet their are still tournaments for the most seasoned and skilled veteran players who take the game very seriously.

This accessibility allows for fun for all ages, skill sets and budgets. This post focuses on some of the best air hockey tables under $100.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get in the game, you just need to like having fun!

First, let’s talk about what you’ll find in this price range. For the under $100 hockey table, you are not going to get a lot (though a few!) of the big name brands like Harvard, Sportcraft, Carrom, and DMI. What you will get is a lot of cheap no-name brands that are either faulty, flimsy or both. There are a ton of cheap knock-off’s coming from overseas that are haphazardly put together with the cheapest materials and no regards for quality or the game itself.  It’s not hard to spot these. Picking them up it is usually obvious where the faults are. Things such as poor corner joints that either move when tugged at and sharp, unsanded edges are a sure sign of low quality. Check the fan, usually battery-powered, does it provide a steady hum? When you put your hands over the playing surface, can you feel the air on your palm? Low powered fans are common and really diminish the quality of play.

Perhaps most importantly, is the playing surface level? You would think that this would be relatively easy achieve for most manufacturers but low quality fiber board is typical of these units and is subject to warping quite easily.  An uneven playing surface can absolutely ruin a game to the point of un-playability. A quick check by first looking lengthwise along the surface eye-level will usually identify warping. Then, pressing down slowly upon the center of the surface, check for how much bend and flex there is. Does it spring back into shape easily? Slowly? Or even worse, not at all. Following these steps will help determine the quality of the play area.

All this aside, there are good quality gaming tables to be found in this price range. You just need to know what to look for. Here are a few:

Westminister Table Air Hockey

 Westminister air hockey table under $100 best review Westminister is a decent American brand that produces a range of tables from small 21″ to larger full length tables.This is a sturdy, dependable unit that, when used with rechargeable batteries hits that sweet spot between cost, durability and quality for this lowest end of the under $100 range.
 PRICE: +-$25  BUY HERE!
  Rating: 4/5


Sport Squad  Table Air Hockey

 Sport squad - best air hockey ables under $100 A mid level option within the under one hundred range is the Sport Squad HX40. Great for limited space, this lightweight and easy to move around tabletop game is great if you are looking for a larger table that is also portable.An AC adapter powers the blower and high-quality wood increases durability. High marks for a decent price and good size.
 PRICE: +-$50  BUY HERE!
  Rating: 4/5


Hathaway Air Hockey Table

 hathaway - best table hockey under $100 Hathaway is a leading name in air hockey tables and the Hat Trick 4-foot model is an excellent unit for all skill levels.Eye-catching graphics, electronic and manual scoring, power plug… the Hat Trick has all the major features you would come to expect from a high end table but for around the $100 dollar price. An excellent buy.
 PRICE: +-$100  BUY HERE!
  Rating: 5/5

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